Angela Nuran

It took a designer who is also a dancer to fulfill every woman’s fantasy. Shoes that feel as good as they look. Fabulous footwear that fits and functions well. Angela Nuran Shoes are designed specifically as comfortable wedding shoes in off white silk to delight brides, yet are transformed into stunning special occasion shoes when dyed to match an evening gown.

In a world where gorgeous shoes are just a click away, women are often disappointed that different brands of shoes they ordered turn out to fit poorly or hurt. Angela Nuran Shoes provide a superb, comfortable fit. Perfect shoes for a bride or mother, and only sold through retailers who personally help customers get exactly what they need. Just try them on. Nothing else compares.

Angela Nuran Milonga

from $350.00

Angela Nuran Antique

from $350.00

Angela Nuran Vintage

from $350.00

Angela Nuran L'amour

from $375.00

Angela Nuran Ingrid

from $370.00

Angela Nuran Deco

from $350.00

Angela Nuran Audrey

from $350.00

Angela Nuran Astoria

from $350.00

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